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In the U.S.A, digital advertising (web, social media, streaming, email) have become not only the biggest form of advertising, but shown to have the most return on investment.

Advertising is changing in The Bahamas and so is the way consumers are being marketed to. 

A few years ago, newspaper and the radio were by FAR the largest form of advertising in The Bahamas. Today, there has been a shift. While newspaper and radio still control a big portion of advertising, digital advertising is growing rapidly in The Bahamas. Businesses are shifting marketing budgets from conventional newspaper and radio to social media and web advertising. The key is to effectively allocate the budget by having the right marketing campaign. This is how we will do that. 

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is becoming more and more essential for businesses today, as over 60% of web-based activity is done via a cellphone. Having your business' website optimize for mobile usage- 

  • Dynamic Mobile Pages (Quick loading)

  • Mobile Functionalities ( Payment options, signup services, booking features)

  • Video and Image Quality 

  • "Clickability" (Being able to click through the mobile website with limited to no interruptions)

  • Minimize pop-ups 

Optimize your business website for mobile use 

Effective Social Media Management

With the invention of the smartphone along with internet access, people have now become more connected and informed digitally through Social Media; as we’ve been preaching. And companies have made the most out of this communication channel by tapping their target audiences with their key messaging and interacting with them effectively. Before the creation of social media such deep customer interaction and far reaching communication was not even thinkable apart from advertising which was (and still is) an expensive affair (TV, newspaper, radio, billboards, etc.)! 


With so much practically being possible with social media and the paradigm shift in the way brands now communicate with their target audiences through it, it is nothing but imperative to effective operate your business’ social platforms.


Grow your social media in The Bahamas 

Our services include

We have various packages to suit many of your business needs.But we can also customize service packages that can fit your budget and your business. Our packages range from a budget friendly $299 per month. Contact us today so that we can create the best campaign for your business to achieve the maximum results. 

  • Graphic design 

  • Social Media Management Services 

  • FREE newspaper Ad 

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We offer an array of services beyond those highlighted. Our goal is to please our clients, however, that may be. Sometimes the client may need something beyond our normal services for their campaign to succeed, it is our duty to find a way to execute that service or product and deliver it to our client(s).

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