Email Marketing Trends 2019

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

Email marketing has always been a topic of discussion between marketers. Some feel as though email marketing should be the least focused part of any marketing campaign, while others feel as though email marketing should be one of the main components of a marketing campaign. Despite the debate, email marketing is still one of the largest forms of marketing to consumers. According to a recent statistic by a major retailer, email marketing responses grew in 2018 as more consumers responded to email ads.

Over the course of 2017-2018, we accounted for over 70% of our client’s email campaigns. We analyzed, created, and controlled some of our client’s most effective email marketing campaigns. We were proud to say that of the 50+ email campaigns we executed for our clients in 2018, majority found success. In doing these campaigns we learned a lot about what consumers responded to the most and what didn’t work. With that analyzes we developed an idea as where email marketing is heading in 2019.

2019 is here and we’re definitely excited, especially for where the marketing trends are heading. As stated previo

usly, email marketing trends are shifting in 2019. We jotted down a few trends that we believe will be the way to use an email marketing campaign

Straight to The Point – Use Your Data Wisely

Since the dawn of the early 00s, data mining has been arguably the most important factor for companies, especially marketers. Today, with so many ways for businesses to obtain data (age, location, spending, income, etc.) it is only RIGHT that we as marketers and businesses do right by the consumers by sending them emails about

products and services that are relevant to them. I mean c’mon, how would you feel if you got an email about a delicious meat lovers pizza for only $12.99 from your favorite local pizzeria but yet you’re a vegetarian. That pizzeria’s job was to collect the data from as many customers as possible and comprise an emailing list based on various categories or demographics versus their products. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry we’re here to help.

The average consumer is swamped with over 50 email ads a day. Also, consumers are now becoming more comfortable with their personal life (data) being used all over the internet for product-focus marketing. So with that, consumers will expect to see relevant email ads to their liking and needs.


This isn’t a new trend but this will never change. With things like 4k and Ultra HD TVs in everyone’s living room, email marketing campaigns must display high quality content for consumers to even contemplate diving into your business ad.

Hello, are you Talking to Me?

We’ve all seen those email ads where it is “Hey customer come check this out….”, how many of those emails did you ignore or outright delete? But how many emails did you open up that had your name in it addressing you? The ability to send thousands of emails to customers addressing each individual customer by name is now easier for businesses to access. We’ve found that in 2018 more consumers responded to email ads that directly addressed them by name. We believe this trend will continue in 2019.

We do that as well….

Timing is Everything

We talked about how the average consumer sees over 50 email ads a day. We found that in 2018 more consumers responded to email campaigns that were sent less frequently than others. Timing is key when it comes to email marketing. It’s not only what time to send the emails, but also when. Frequent emails often automatically end up in spam. It’s important to know how frequent to send emails to consumers. Depending on your product/service, weekly updates may be less impactful rather than every other day. Holidays are also important to key in on timing- determine whether your product or service needs to be bought long before a holiday or can be bought a few days prior. Also know when NOT to send an email ad. Keeping with the holiday topic, if we’re coming off the Christmas holiday where people have already spent money shopping, then sending an email ad about 25% off on all clothes will most likely be overlooked.

Headline… Watch me

This is our BOLD BELIEF …….

In 2019, headlines with the words “Sales, Book Now, Confirmed, HUGE discount” will be the best way to NOT catch the attention of a consumer. A major part of this bold belief is that consumers see way too many ads on a daily basis. At least 98% of email ads contain one of those words mentioned above. Thus those words become less and less attractive to the consumer. We believe that using phrases to describe the product or service in the headline will become more of an attractive thing for email ad campaigns. So for the local restaurant, rather than saying 20% off on all pasta items, try “Dine-in tonight with delicious authentic Italian pasta”, then proceed to discuss any promotions or sales within the body of the email ad.

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