5 Trends that will impact Small Businesses in 2020

It’s that time again! What is Marketing going to look like in 2020 but for Small Businesses.

#1) More people will look to go cashless by using Digital Payments. Every year the usage of Credit Cards and Debit Cards has increased. Also, other digital payment methods such as Apple Pay and Samsung pay have increased. We predict that this year more and more Small Businesses will see their customers using digital payments via their mobile devices. In addition, Small Businesses will see their customers begin to purchase more online. According to a recent study, online purchasing has increased over 40% since last year ; this is largely due to Amazon influencing consumer-purchasing online. But even with a store front, I think customers will want to purchase products and services online from their favorite small business.

Deuce42 Marketing advice- For our dedicated SBOs (Small Business Owners) invest in Digital Payment systems at Point of Sale (Checkout). Invest heavily in e-commerce (your website). Make sure your website has a strong BUT EASY TO USE checkout service online.

#2) MORE Storytelling rather than Data-Driven marketing campaigns. Let us be the first to say that DATA is everywhere and almost everything. But Data has also created an over saturation in the marketing world especially amongst big companies. Over the past 10 years a lot of data has been used to market to consumers. But we predict that this year will be more about story telling , content driven and directed marketing, as well as, CONTEXT marketing. Because SBs (Small Businesses) are typically budgeted restricted versus larger companies, the usage of Data driven marketing will be less beneficial. That is when story telling comes in. What this means is that SBs will create marketing campaigns that will relate to their consumers.

Deuce42 Marketing advice- Create marketing campaigns that will focus on how you started your business. Talk about why your business is important to the community. Try to relate your business to your consumer through emotional appeals.

#3) That SIDE HUSTLE will become a BUSINESS. With the internet and technology being so prominent, we’ve seen an increase in side hustles becoming businesses for the younger Millennial generation. With Apps and websites like Shopifyand Amazon , people have been able to connect their “side hustles” with consumers across a wide radius. We believe that side hustles will begin to have a huge impact on SBs.

Deuce42 Marketing advice- SBs need to be present on various e-commerce sites such as the aforementioned. If your SB is a boutique clothing store, you should be on Shopify and Amazon.

#4) SOCIAL MEDIA…..RETURNS. Social Media advertising will have another year of impacting the way businesses market their products and services. The biggest change this time will be ‘Shoppable posts’. What this means is when you post a picture of your SB’s latest fashion releases, consumers should be able to click on each individual article of clothing and see the price. They can then click the article of clothing and be directed to an easy-to-use e-commerce platform.

Deuce42 Marketing advice- We’ll handle it for you

#5) GET INVOVLED IN YOUR COMMUNITY. If you’re a SB owner , you should try to be involved in your local community. We are predicting that more consumers will be responsive to ‘experiential marketing’ . If there is a local fair, your SB should attend whether being a small sponsor or being present.

Deuce42 Marketing advice- Reach out to local business bureaus to see what events are happening in the area your business is. Check Googleto see of any local events that your business may be suitable for to attend. Don’t forget to post about it when you’re done with the event(s).

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